Bishops David Roller, David Kendall and Matthew Thomas.

Bishops David Roller, David Kendall and Matthew Thomas.

More than 2,200 Free Methodists from around the world met in Orlando, Florida, July 13-16 for General Conference 2015. North Central Conference Superintendent Mark Adams described GC15 as “a Spirit-filled event impacting our churches for decades.”

Superintendent Jim Jobes said the participants from the Pittsburgh Conference  “found GC15 to be filled with inspiration as well as information and plan to hold a conference-wide event in October to help our people understand and effectively implement the Nine Strategies in our local churches.” 

Fellow Superintendent Ben Tolly said, “Thursday evening, after the close of General Conference 2015, I found it difficult to go straight to bed. I had spent hours and hours during the week talking over plans for the direction of our denomination and next steps for our Gateway Conference in the coming year. Truly what sparked all this conversation was a general conference that was spiritually invigorating, relationally engaging, and intent on purpose! Our denomination has a bright future!”

New England Conference Superintendent Wil Sharpe praised the conference as “uplifting and energizing. I left GC 15 with a new appreciation and pride to be part of the FMC. I am grateful for its leadership and the impact it is making in the world for Christ! The kingdom is being enlarged through the clear call and commitment of the FMC to remain strong to the mandates of Scripture. What a great time to be a Free Methodist!”

Whether or not you were able to make the trip to Orlando, you can still participate in the call to become “Whole Church.” Keep reading for more information about what happened at GC15 and where the Free Methodist Church is heading as a result. 

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