Today marks the birth month of the Free Methodist Church. The global leaders have called us to pray on this day annually as a family. We have asked God to bring a harvest and use us as part of that work. Please pray and fast today with thousands of Free Methodists around the world:

Lord, hear the prayers of your people around the world. You have blessed us with your favor and your presence throughout the centuries. We are mindful and grateful.

You have always had a people who have been faithful to you. Lord, please make Free Methodists among those throngs of faithful, loving and committed servants. On this anniversary of the Free Methodist Church, we ask you to do whatever is necessary to draw us even closer and make us a holy nation. With so many hews and shades of light, make us bright, clear and distinct in a dark world. Help us to shine with brilliance, drawing attention not to us but to your Son.

Our ears are perked and our eyes attentive to your voice and movements. In a world that is out of step with you, help us to keep in step with your Spirit. Chasten, rebuke, admonish, forgive, encourage and love us in ways that will make us more godly servants of yours.

We have prayed for the coming decade to be a Decade of Harvest. Now we pray that this harvest is of the most abundant and fruitful harvest in history. We are ready, waiting, united and committed to you.

In Jesus’ wonderful Name! Amen

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