Pennsylvania Church Advances Through Recalibration Plan

Lex_And_MeIf you’re one of the more than 1,600 pastors and church leaders who’ve attended an E3 meeting over the past two months, you’ve heard Bishop Roller talk extensively about our Recalibration system … a part of our bishops’ Multiplication plan. It’s a spirit-led systematic method for churches to rediscover their spiritual passion so they may enter a new season of fruitfulness.

Pastor Brandon Robertson is lead pastor at Cove Run Church in Lemont Furnace, Pennsylvania. It’s one of the churches, and he’s one of the pastors, selected to be in the first group of churches adopting the Recalibration system. We caught up with Brandon and his wife, Lexi, at the M.I.N.E. Conference in Baltimore, yesterday, and learned how it’s going.

Brandon told us, “I didn’t understand what this was when first asked to participate. I thought maybe it was a remedial action and training because I’m new at the church. But when I attended our first meeting, in Tampa in January, it hit me that we are one of just 37 churches chosen for the first round of this great project, and this was not remedial – this was God!”

All 37 pastors spent several days training together in January. They were then broken into different regional cohorts, as dedicated networks, each with their own coach, mentor, and team.

Brandon said it’s been, “a complete undoing of what I thought being a pastor was about. I was already developing some bad habits, and Recalibration has undone those, with God putting me back together into something new. We are lining up the church with God’s vision instead of the pastor’s vision. I’ve gone from feeling like I was alone on an island, to the awesome experience of now having a complete support system.”

Please lift up Brandon and the Cove Run Church, as well as the other 36-churches in the first wave of our Recalibration system. We’re believing for Holy Spirit inspired growth, and that this system can spread across many Free Methodist Churches.

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