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Oakdale Educates in Christ-Centered Community


I’ve been a Free Methodist my whole life, and I am still discovering wonderful ministries in our denomination. A good example of this is Oakdale Christian Academy, the only Free Methodist boarding school in North America. If you have never heard of Oakdale, I suggest you boot up your laptop or grab your cell phone to check out its website. Or just … Read more...

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From Broken To Beautiful Cover

From Broken to Beautiful

Jeff Baxter, the lead pastor of River Church in Lakewood, Colorado, has written for top Christian publisher Zondervan with books aimed at specific groups such as Christians attending college, but his forthcoming Light & Life Publishing book, “From Broken to Beautiful,” has a much wider target audience — “anyone who cares about the local church.”

“I have seen my share of brokenness in … Read more...

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Our Bishops’ Statement on Charlottesville

Free Methodists have a mission to love God, love people and make disciples of all nations. We love and embrace all people as we seek to bring wholeness to the world through healthy biblical communities of holy people. Our denomination’s founders spoke and acted against the institution of slavery while also opposing class distinction, and we continue that legacy of opposing racism in the midst … Read more...

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A New Day for the Church in Uganda


It has been a delight to see the work of God firsthand in the Free Methodist Church in Uganda. Thousands of people gathered at the football grounds in Kanungu, the home to mountain gorillas, on Aug. 6 for the inaugural of the Provisional General Conference of Uganda.

I had the opportunity of ministering the Word of God at this grand celebration … Read more...

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Students Called to Shine at Quiz Finals 2017

The week of July 10-14 saw 350 students and their leaders from across the United States and the Philippines descended onto the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College for Free Methodist Bible Quizzing’s annual Quiz Finals. This season, students studied and committed to memory the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon.

The theme was focused on Philippians 2:14-16, where Paul says we will shine … Read more...

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