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Malawi Flooding Destroys Buildings, Crops

Heavy rains in the Karonga district of Malawi caused flooding that has affected many people, including Free Methodist Church members. The flooding has resulted in the destruction of buildings and in the loss of crops. Malawi Northern Conference Superintendent Japhet Msyani reports that the people of Karonga rely on rice and cassava, and the flooding has washed away all of their food. Please pray for … Read more...

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5 Ways to Engage the 20-Somethings in Your Church


There has been a lot of talk about the underrepresentation of millennials in churches today. While this generation (those born between 1980-2000) account for 22% of the U.S. population, they only account for 10% of our church population. Many believe this discrepancy is unique to the millennial generation, but research shows the underrepresentation of this age group may actually … Read more...

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Preparing to Multiply

Detroit was once synonymous with wealth, power, ingenuity and expansion, but that eventually changed.

“It’s also a city that saw its wealth and influence erode into utter ruin and bankruptcy. Once thriving neighborhoods fell abandoned to decay and despair,” said Michael Forney, the Southern Michigan Conference’s assistant superintendent of leadership and multiplication, who added that Detroit’s story hasn’t ended with decline. “Detroit has grit. Detroit … Read more...

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Prayer Summit Launches National Intercessors Network

The Free Methodist Church’s third National Prayer Summit proved to be the largest yet, and it launched the National Intercessors Network to bring the Free Methodist community together “in hearing what God is saying, and responding across our land in unified prayer.” This new network was detailed near the end of the Feb. 22–24 summit that focused on the theme of “Prayer & Community Transformation.”… Read more...

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On Haiti and Africa

As last week wound down, and then over the weekend, we all heard reports of disparaging remarks about the nation of Haiti and certain unnamed African countries. These reports have sparked many different kinds of responses from people of different faiths and no faith, different political leanings, and different tones.

The Free Methodist Church commits to viewing the world and its peoples through eyes and … Read more...

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