Turnaround Pastor

Is your church a shadow of its former self, once vibrant with life but now all but dead? Is your Sunday morning attendance is a fraction of what it once was, finances are getting desperate, and your sense of mission seems not-existent? That’s where Don Ross was. Most onlookers saw no future in for his church. But Jesus saw a place for them, and He molded Don into a Turnaround Pastor, a leader to revive God’s people to do His work.


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Donald Ross

Dr. Donald Ross is the founder of the Turnaround Church Coaching Network, which helps pastors of plateaued or declining churches move forward. He is part of the Northwest Ministry Network and has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate School in Seattle Washington. His dissertation "Re-engineering the Large Declining Church," focused on leading turnaround churches, drawing on his own experience turning around Creekside Church in Seattle. Don has 30 years of experience as a pastor, church consultant, and leadership coach, and has worked with churches ranging in size from 35 to 5000 members. Don and his wife Brenda live in Kenmore Washington, and have three married children and seven grandchildren.


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