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If all are made in God’s image,

If all human beings rightly belong to God,


If God is love,


If we can see love most clearly and powerfully in God’s own Self-Giving in the Person of Jesus,

If Jesus has called us to follow Jesus on Jesus’ path,

If Jesus makes the way clear, removes the obstacles, goes before us, and has our back as we walk with him—


If Jesus came to set captives free, whatever the captivity, whomever and however it holds,


Then …


the 36 million slaves in our world must be set free!


Every one of them is like brother or sister, son or daughter, or grandchildren.


All who sell them, all who buy them, and all who support these unholy industries—whether actively or passively—participate in crimes against humanity,


and against divinity.


Jesus …


who is the image of God,

who calls us to our home in God,

who embodies and express love like no other,

who would rather die than suffer the slavery to go on, (and did!)—


Jesus …


calls us to follow on Jesus’ path,

makes the way clear,

removes the obstacles,

goes before us, and

has our back as we walk with him.


Jesus …


calls us to follow,

to set captives free,

to do something,

with others,

for others,

for brother- and sister-captives, for daugher- and son-captives, for all of them.


Jesus …

calls us by name,


“Follow me!  Let’s set them free!”


We can affirm our calling, our willingness, and our resolve together with others on “Freedom Sunday.”



We can join with multitudes of others this summer at “The Freedom Summit.”


David Kendall
By David Kendall

Reverend David W. Kendall, an ordained elder in the Great Plains Conference, was elected to the office of bishop of the Free Methodist Church in May 2005. He serves as overseer of East Michigan, Gateway, Great Plains, Mid-America, North Central, North Michigan, Ohio, Southern Michigan, Wabash, African Area Annual Conferences; and Coordinator of oversight for the World Ministries Center.

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