Equipping for Excellence and Expansion

E3 – Equipping for Excellence and Expansion
is a series of six meetings across the United States with all three
Free Methodist Bishops and other denominational leaders. The
final event will be held March 24 and 25. Following that event,
videos of each presentation, as well as all slides and resources,
will be posted here.

Meanwhile, you can click below to download the applications
for Financial Health Training and for the $2,000 cash grant to
pastors with medical debt. You can also click below to access
and download all of the resources and materials referenced in
the Financial Health Seminar, featuring Brian Kluth.

Multiplication Plan Download Here

Bishop Kendall: Revitalize

Bishop Roller: Recalibrate

Bishop Thomas: Reproduce

Chief Operating Officer, Larry Roberts:
Protecting & Prospering You Church

Director of Communications, Rev. Jay Cordova:
Devotional + Resources

Brian Kluth: Financial Health Seminar

Church Highlight Videos