As last week wound down, and then over the weekend, we all heard reports of disparaging remarks about the nation of Haiti and certain unnamed African countries. These reports have sparked many different kinds of responses from people of different faiths and no faith, different political leanings, and different tones.

The humanitarian crisis in Rakhine state of Myanmar against the Rohingya people is of epic proportions not too far removed from the numbers and brutality of tribal conflict in central Africa (Rwanda, Burundi and Congo) of yesteryear and the terrible plight of Syrian and Iraqi refugees of recent and present

By Al and Diane Mellinger Yes, Christmas is less than 2 months away and we have been busy ordering our stock for the holidays for the stores we operate here in Bulgaria. How nice would it be to have a store near each of you, so you could shop at

By Thom and Sherry Cahill, Kenya During these last six months, since we returned to Kenya, God has been working. We are excited to report some of these ways: 1. Discipleship Training. God has used us to disciple pastors and spouses and lay leadership. From one-on-one to group settings, God