Corey and Connie Persing

Pershing Family

Thailand – Associate/VISA

After a length of time serving as part of the teaching staff at Grace International School, the Persings have shifted focus to full time support of the work of Mission Thailand. Connie provides hospitality, encouragement, and healthy perspective to the work that she and Corey accomplish together. Currently, Corey has 3 primary responsibilities. First, he serves as the National Coordinator of the ICCM work in Thailand, which centers currently upon the Lahu children’s hostel in Chiang Rai. Secondly, Corey works closely with the Asia Area Director to serve as the mentor/advisor for national leadership. Finally, Corey is beginning a new season of ministry in SE Asia as a “Regional Reporting & Tech Coach” in which he will develop and implement an area-wide reporting system that provides financial accountability and integrity as well as up to date information."

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Pray for:

the Thai national FMC leaders’ ministry to effectively grow

God to continue to touch the hearts of the Thai people

God to continue to bless the Thai national work

Grace International School

the Persings’ health and safety


Corey – August 17
Connie – December 22
Nathanial – November 10
Gabrialla – May 23
Ikaiasha – January 2


June 25

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