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The Owsleys are involved in church planting and leadership training in the capital city of Brasilia. Dan disciples and counsels FM pastors. Hope is involved in Bible study, discipleship and the editing of a devotional book based on John Wesley’s sermons. Both teach Bible and theology classes to church leadership and lend support and encouragement to church plants in the greater Brasilia area.

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Pray for:

Dan and Hope to connect well with friends and neighbors and continue their discipleship ministries

growth for the Aguas Claras church plant and maturity for the three young couples on the church planting team

continued progress on the John Wesley devotional book in Portuguese

Guilherme Mota, a promising young FM leader, to not lose his focus as he prepares for ministry

Dan and Hope as they teach seminary modules in Bible and theology


Hope - September 13

Dan - February 15


June 8

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Owsleys in Brazil

  • Missionary Diary Entry #4

    (This happened a few months ago, but is a good example of how the Lord helps us at every turn.) Dear Diary, We just had a visit from superintendent Pastor Marinho whose church is growing at an amazing rate; he told us that although he is busier than ever, he has never been more at rest in …

  • Child-Like Faith

      Our new pastor and his family have been in Brasília for a month and we’ve loved their enthusiasm and vision for the church. Although we’ve known Pastor Peterson and his wife Adriana for years, we are just now becoming acquainted with their two children. One day I took seven-year old Fernanda to the play …

  • John Wesley Book Released!

    During our 30 years of ministry in Brazil, I’ve lamented the lack of updated Wesleyan resources. My theology students respond enthusiastically to Wesley’s sermons even though they are only available in antiquated Portuguese. I’ve often wished that someone would edit the sermons to make them more accessible to all Brazilian Christians (not just seminarians). When my son …

  • Brazil Snapshot #49

    This is photo #49 (in a series of 50) about life in Brazil. One of our first photos three years ago was of a huge wall of flip-flops. In a country where this type of footwear is used year round, it’s also possible to buy replacement parts for your favorite flip-flop when it wears out.

  • Reinforcements on the Way!

    We’ve been praying for the Lord to grow our church planting team and He is so beautifully answering. A young Brazilian couple from Cuiabá will be moving here in January to lend their support. We knew Peterson and his wife Adriana when we served in Cuiabá years ago. Adriana was a student at our Free …

  • God’s Unlimited Resources

    We keep learning to trust God with our needs. I wrote last month about how He took us out of our rented building (rather suddenly) and showed us that He had everything under control by providing a much bigger place (for free!) Last week my friend Núbia sent me a message asking for help to …

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