February Prayer Guide

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Wednesday, February 20, 2018

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Pray for the Asia Leadership Team as they meet this week. Please ask for the Lord’s blessing on the planning and discussion.

Cambodia: Pray for church leaders as they prepare for their transition from mission district to provisional annual conference. Ask the Lord for wisdom, courage and faith for the many changes and challenges this next level of development brings.

Myanmar: Pray for Superintendent Pa Kep and his leadership of the upcoming annual meeting.

Pray for the Lord’s direction and blessing in the church planting efforts across Asia. More than 20 new churches are in the process of being planted already this year.


Colombia: Pray for the mission in Medellin as Ricardo and Beth Gomez meet every Friday with the team that is implementing the Community Church Planting (CCP) strategy in the city. Currently they are working with six community churches in Medellin and one in Pereira.


Africa Area Director Mike Reynen reports that the Africa team is actively seeking experienced disciplers to join their team for one- to two-year assignments, and extended-term assignments. Join the team in praying that God will raise up and send out disciple-makers whom He is preparing to join the Africa team.


Pray for members of SEED’s partnering livelihood groups who are grieving the loss of loved ones dying from disease, disabilities, or other hardships.

Learn more about SEED


Pray that the Restavek Freedom material will be effective in helping Free Methodist leaders in Haiti fully understand how they can be instruments of change and advocates for children.

Learn more about ICCM


Laurie Sherriff leads a team from The Harbor FMC in Warren, PA to Chile from 2/14 to 2/28.
Sarah Sutay leads a team from Valley Chapel FMC in Warsaw, NY to Costa Rica from 2/17 to 2/24.

Learn more about VISA MINISTRIES


Ricardo and Beth Gomez
Don and Kathy Williams
Al and Diane Mellinger


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