José and Ada Hernández

José and Ada Hernández

Spain – Associate/VISA

José and Ada Hernández, elders in the South Atlantic Conference, were appointed as missionaries to Spain in January 2016 and arrived on the field in the fall of 2016. José, former adjunct faculty member at Asbury Theological and Wesley Seminary, is working in leadership development and church planting support. Ada is working with member care, in addition to church planting support.

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Pray for:

physical, emotional, and spiritual strength
financial support
Free Methodist congregations in Spain
a smooth transition from a U.S. mindset into a European context


José – July 9
Ada – April 22


December 30

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José y Ada Hernández – Missional Journey in Spain (Blog)

Jose Y Ada Hernandez – Missional Journey in Spain

  • Lessons Learned from the Brave People of Galicia

    Familia, Here in Spain we stay in touch with what is happening in the Americas from the latest comment made by U.S. President Donald Trump to the suffering and recovery efforts in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas after hurricanes destroyed property and claimed lives. Also, we are aware of what is happening in …

  • Catalunya at a Crossroad

    The region of Catalunya and its capital city Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. As a matter of fact, Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain. Their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, historic, and cultural venues, and its wonderful people, make of this region a must see place in any …

  • José & Ada at a Roman Catholic Mass

    Today I have some strong words. I must say something because, this issue affects all branches of Christianity at this very moment across the Western Hemisphere. Yesterday, Ada and I had the painful task of visiting the San Maximiliano Kolbe Roman Catholic Church in Rivas Vaciamadrid. How we end up there? Well, Ada is a …

  • Our First Year!

    Familia, We are THANKFUL to our L-rd for His love and mercy. He saved us. Then, He filled us with His Ruach HaKodesh. After that, He prepared and equipped us for the work of ministry, and finally sent us. As Ada and I take a look back into our lives, we have come to the …

  • Catalunya

    Familia, Ada and I are aware that most of you are in the midst of the Hurricanes Irma and María aftermath. We know that as the people in the State of Florida deals with a major disaster, even bigger than what happened with Hurricane Andrew, the people of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are trapped …

  • Rev. Antonio And María Rivera

    Last week Ada and I had the opportunity of take some time off in order to be with our dear friends Pastors Antonio and María Rivera. They pastors the Primera Iglesia Metodista Libre de Altamonte Springs (First Free Methodist Church of Altamonte Springs), Florida. It was our third time receiving friends in the year we …

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