Julie Yerger

Julie Yerger


Julie has had several roles at Kibogora Hospital. Currently, her goal is to help decrease the hospital’s infant mortality rate, focusing on education and mentoring for the nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In future phases she will work with nurse midwives at the hospital and then with community nurses. Julie also helps with the program for poor senior citizens in the community.

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Pray for:

a spirit of understanding as Julie encounters cultural differences

the people of Rwanda to have and show the love of God

more Kibogora Hospital patients and staff to receive Christ as their Savior

hospital employees to have a desire to improve the hospital and provide better patient care


June 13

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A Nurse’s Notes: Charting my life in Rwanda

  • Vision Clinic

    This past week a team of 10 people came to give out free eye glasses to poor people in the community who needed them. They gave out about 1200 pairs of glasses and saw more people than that! People who…

  • More Graduates!!

    This set of twins stand out in my mind as the mother and grandmother were always so happy! The certainly brightened up the NICU while the boys were with us growing from 3.3lbs until they were ready to go home….

  • Boss is Back!!

    God keeps sending me more kids who have graduated from the NICU! Boss was 1.8lbs when he was born and was with us for 2.5 months before being sent home. His mother took it on herself to tell all the…

  • Happy Halloween!

    This little guy must have heard about Halloween. Coming from a health center, he arrived at our Neo “door” dressed appropriately!

  • Graduation!

    Kibogora Polytechnique, the local college, had its graduation today. Despite the short cloudburst, the graduates really enjoyed their special day!

  • Mamas and their Babies

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