Julie Yerger

Julie Yerger


Julie has had several roles at Kibogora Hospital. Currently, her goal is to help decrease the hospital’s infant mortality rate, focusing on education and mentoring for the nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In future phases she will work with nurse midwives at the hospital and then with community nurses. Julie also helps with the program for poor senior citizens in the community.

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Pray for:

a spirit of understanding as Julie encounters cultural differences

the people of Rwanda to have and show the love of God

more Kibogora Hospital patients and staff to receive Christ as their Savior

hospital employees to have a desire to improve the hospital and provide better patient care


June 13

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A Nurse’s Notes: Charting my life in Rwanda

  • Thank You for Caring!

    Today was the Christmas party for the vulnerable elderly whom Kibogora Hospital works with. We had a very special reason to celebrate this year because a truck was donated to help transport these elderly people to and from the hospital…

  • Do I really need a gift for Christmas?

    During the ten years I’ve lived in Africa, I’ve become accustomed to the poverty here. That’s a good coping mechanism when one lives here long-term. Without it, I would’ve packed my bags and moved away long ago, being so overwhelmed…

  • Staff Christmas Party

    Tonight was the Neonatology (NICU) staff Christmas party. Because it was raining when the party was supposed to start, everyone came late. (In Rwanda one doesn’t go out if it’s raining.) But that was okay; we still had a good…

  • Super Moon

    The super moon silhouetted against the Kibogora palm trees was breath taking! But, oh my, the week after was an intense one with the super moon bringing on many early deliveries! The most premature weighed in at 2.6 lbs., and…

  • Guest at Kumbya

  • Vision Clinic

    This past week an American team of ten people came to give out free eyeglasses to poor people in the community. They gave out about 1200 pairs of glasses and saw more people than that! People who’d never had the…

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