Julie Yerger

Julie Yerger


Julie has had several roles at Kibogora Hospital. Currently, her goal is to help decrease the hospital’s infant mortality rate, focusing on education and mentoring for the nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). In future phases she will work with nurse midwives at the hospital and then with community nurses. Julie also helps with the program for poor senior citizens in the community.

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Pray for:

a spirit of understanding as Julie encounters cultural differences

the people of Rwanda to have and show the love of God

more Kibogora Hospital patients and staff to receive Christ as their Savior

hospital employees to have a desire to improve the hospital and provide better patient care


June 13

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A Nurse’s Notes: Charting my life in Rwanda

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    Why is it that chaos always seems to happen on Friday afternoon? Last week on Friday afternoon we got a very sick baby just minutes after one of my nurses told me all the babies were stable and could she…

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    This week a pediatrician and his wife joined our team until December. It is exciting to have them here and working with the babies in Neo and the kids in pediatrics. They picked a good time of year to come…

  • You are Here so They will Grow in Me

    Just before I returned to Rwanda, a new friend shared with me that God had told her that there are babies alive today in Rwanda who will come to know Jesus because they lived even though they were very sick…

  • Catching up!

    For my first two weeks back at Kibogora, I planned on just working a few hours at the hospital, then the rest of the day I’d unpack my house, get settled, work on my job description and teaching plan for…

  • Back to Work

    It’s so nice to be working as a nurse in Neonatal (NICU) again, to say Hi to nurses, to start using my Kinyarwandan, and to listen to the mothers’ amazement at how much I know. I love looking at the…

  • A Few Minutes of Relaxation

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