Country Statistics

Mission District

  • Population: 4,092,310
  • Evangelical Christians: 14.6%
  • FM Work Opened: 2005
  • FM Churches: 11
  • FM Membership: 694
  • Ordained Ministers: 5
  • Ministerial Candidates: 17
  • Ecclesiastical Accountability: FMWM through Africa Area Director Michael Reynen

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Reproducible Bulletin Insert

Supporting the Liberia Country Support Account (CSA) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

The national leader’s travel to churches and church plants as he carries out the duties of a superintendent and serves as coordinator of Village Church Planting

Production of church planting training materials

Books, food and transportation costs related to seminar training for pastors who need preparation for ministry

Tuition, transportation and food expenses for a pastor whose studies are being funded at a Bible college in Monrovia

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