Country Statistics

  • Population: 17,377,468
  • Evangelical Christians: 19.6%
  • FM Work Opened: 1973
  • Ecclesiastical Accountability: FMC-USA through Bishop David Kendall

    Central Annual Conference

  • FM Churches: 31
  • FM Membership: 6,118
  • Ordained Ministers: 13
  • Conference Ministerial Candidates: 7

    Northern Annual Conference

    • FM Churches: 12
    • FM Membership: 4,011
    • Ordained Ministers: 12
    • Ministerial Candidates: 4

      Southern Annual Conference

    • FM Churches: 67
    • FM Membership: 6,269
    • Ordained Ministers: 22
    • Ministerial Candidates: 4


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    Reproducible Bulletin Insert

    Supporting the Malawi Country Support Account (CSA) will help resource the following people and strategic initiatives:

    Evangelism, transportation and meetings costs for the superintendents of the three conferences

    A Malawian in his missionary work to Mozambique

    Transportation, food and lodging scholarships for pastor-students for each of three modules per year

    Fast Trackers

    Adjunct Professor - Malawi
    Located in one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, Great Commission Bible School (GCBS) is training up the next generation of Africa’s FM church leaders. Three times a year, GCBS invites two Bibl/pastoral teachers and one English teacher to teach for one month in Malawi. If you are an available pastor or professor, maybe you can bring along a person who is able to work in the area of maintenance. This great short-term missions experience can make a long-term impact on many lives.

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