Missionary Memorials

Ernest and Phebe Ward, the first Free Methodist missionaries, set sail for India in 1881. The General Missionary Board (now Free Methodist World Missions) appointed missionaries to Mozambique (G. Harry Agnew), South Africa (Robert and Catherine Shemeld) and India (Louisa Ranf) four years later.

The memorials listed below represent only those missionaries who have passed away since 2010.


2017 Missionary Tribute


Phyllis Gould

Helen Nelson

Raymond Streutker

Naomi Vought


Gordon Bell

Leona K. Fear

Robert Haslam

Jean Johnson

Evelyn Rupert Heath

Beth Beckelhymer Stewart


Tillman Houser

Janet Nitzsche

Aster Derry Prentice

Eugene Stewart

Sylvia Van Tassel


Elizabeth Reynolds Canon

Alton Gould

Russel Peters

Eldon Sayre

Donald Vesey


Betty Ellen Cox

Linda Crandall

Caroline Crider

Mildred (Millie) Davenport

Dorothy Orcutt Hicks

Gwen Houser

Ernest Houston

Florence Mannoia

John Schlosser

K. Lavern Snider


Carolyn Cranston

Kathryn Hessler

Lucy Huston

Warren Johnson

Clarence Owsley

Kathryn Hendrix Vance

Burleigh Willard

Ruth Charlotte Zimmerman


Jeanne Acheson-Munos

Elsie Apling

Naomi Calkins

Esther Clemens

Elmore Clyde

Robert Cranston

Jean Dyer

Alene Gilmore

Doris Moore Meredith

Estelle Orcutt

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