By Don and Kathy Williams, Thailand

The story below is told from details the Williams’ have witnessed, heard, and observed during a church planting research trip they took this summer. Please pray for all the children who are witnessing their parents and other relatives put their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. May they be drawn to the Lord and likewise trust Him. Over 60 house churches have been started in the last year.

What is it like to see your parents become Christian? 

My name is Doi, I am a child who lives in North Central Thailand. I live in the province of Phetchabun. A province is kind of like a state in America. It was over two months ago both my parents became Christians. At first I wasn’t very happy about their decision. We were a Buddhist family and now what were we? Christian?

Well, I’ve changed my mind. I very much like what I now see in my parent’s lives. My dad is the man with the big smile standing with his blue shirt on. My mom is seated in front of my dad. my mom and dad became christians She also has on a blue shirt. I have heard how my mom used to be afraid of spirits. I know what it’s like to be afraid. Sometimes I’m afraid of the dark. Now my mom is no longer fearful. Before she hid from her fears by drinking alcohol. Now she doesn’t drink anymore after becoming a Christian. When she drank we didn’t have much money. Now we have enough for food and we have even been able to buy a TV. In fact, after mom became a Christian she asked Jesus for three things. One was for my dad to become a Christian. The second was for healing in her body. The third was for a TV. I thought the last prayer request was strange. I wondered how God was going to answer mom’s prayer for a TV? Well not only did we have enough money for food after mom quit drinking, we now had enough money for her to buy a TV. When my mom first became a Christian and prayed, she didn’t realize how much she spent on drinking and how it took most of our money.

God answered all three of my mom’s prayers. Even my dad became a Christian. I was thinking that was a bigger answer to my mom’s prayer than the TV. My dad spent a lot of money on amulets. Amulets are small objects like a piece of jewelry or small statue. My dad wore the amulets as necklaces and also kept them as small statues inside our house and in his truck. Before he became a Christian he believed amulets had magic powers and would give him good luck and protect him against evil, danger, or disease. When he became a Christian he knew it was God who delivered him from evil not his amulets.  He decided to put all his amulets into a big bag and throw them away. At first I couldn’t believe he was doing that because they cost him so much money. I think I heard him once say they were worth almost one million baht (that’s about 30 thousands U.S. dollars). I knew he was serious about his decision to follow Jesus when he threw all his amulets away. He loved and trusted God more than he did the amulets.

my mom and dad became christians 

Now my mom and dad regularly share their testimony with their neighbors, friends, and co-workers. They have opened our home and have something called a “house church” meeting every week. There are about 10-12 people who attend. A neighbor walked by the other day during one of these meetings (he’s the guy in the picture with the glasses on top of his head). Mom and dad had been sharing with him about their new faith. The neighbor decided to sit and listen to the Bible story; he listened to the singing, and heard my parent’s testimonies. At the end of the meeting our neighbor made a decision to become a Christian.

Almost 40 people in the Phetchabun house churches were baptized in August. They wanted to show how they are now followers of Christ. I’m now thinking about becoming a Christian like my mom and dad. I am thankful to have parents who are happy and no longer live in fear. I am also happy to have a mom who has been set free from her bad habits and see how she is now well. Please pray for me and all the other children whose parents have become Christians in Phetchabun.  The children want what our parents have – joy, peace, and love – we want Jesus too.
                                                  my mom and dad became christians 

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