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Missions Hotline

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Ethiopia:Pray for church planting work in several areas, as well as for Superintendent Mekebib as he leads the wide area of Free Methodist work in Ethiopia.

Ivory Coast:Pray for work in Ivory Coast as they use the Village Church Planting method for expansion. Pray for pastors who have just had meetings July, giving them further direction and preparation.



Thailand: Pray for Pastor Joshua, who leads the Free Methodist work in Thailand. Pray that the Lord would help to identify several new young Thai leaders, and that we’ll be able to plant two new churches this year. Pray also for Pastor Da as she leads the church in Fang, Thailand.

Philippines: Pray for the development and plans in Cambodia to help the church continue to grow and mature. Pray for unity, for an open heart and spirit, and for wisdom, as a number of leaders from several countries come alongside national leadership.

Cambodia:Pray for the youth that attended camp in Southern Taiwan. Several accepted Christ into their lives and others committed to full-time Christian service. Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit to continue to guide and direct these youth as they return to their lives in the city.

Taiwan:Pray for David and Sarah Clemente as they return to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, after a fruitful time of partnership building in the U.S. Please pray for safe travel and a good transition back to Taiwan life.


Mexico: Summer is a strategic time in Latin America for children’s outreach through Vacation Bible School. Pray for these outreaches and especially for the new church
plant “Luz y Vida” in Nogales, Sonora, as they hold their VBS from August 4‐6. Pray that entire families would come to know Christ through this ministry

Brazil:  Pray for Dan Owsley as he works with Brazilian pastors and leaders over the next months in implementing a church planting program in Brasilia and the surrounding area to win the lost for Christ and build His church.


Pray for preparations for October training for teachers in Cambodia. The training will focus on classroom management and holistic child development. Pray also for project evaluation that will be done in three study centers, as they are in their second year of implementing holistic child development and a new financial management system.

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Creative Access

Creative Access Asia: Pray for the teachers who need their documents certified and authenticated before the semester starts in August. Without this government documentation, they may not get the necessary work permits and risk not being allowed back into their ministry locations. One family needs prayer for their newly adopted son’s Certificate of Citizenship. Without this document, they can’t get a US passport for him which has a bearing on their ability to return to their ministry location for work. Pray that US officials might grant the request for expediting this certificate this month. Pray also for wisdom and peace for this family as they seek God’s plan for their future.


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