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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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Kenya: This week (November 14-19) Thom and Sherry Cahill will be speaking at a youth retreat in Mombasa for the Highlands Conference of the Free Methodist Church in Kenya. Pray that the Holy Spirit would minister to all the young people attending, that their hearts would be open to His leading and that they would respond. Pray also for all of the speakers, including Thom, that they would hear and share what the Holy Spirit leads.


Once a month Al and Diane Melinger pick up products and drop off yarn for Knitting Livelihood Groups. Pray that God would bless these people, almost all of whom are unemployed or underemployed and yet they enter into relationship with generous, caring hearts.

Pray also for the European Free Methodist Church Leaders Conference happening this week in Budapest, November 15-18. Check last week’s Hotline for more information.


Dan Owsley will be traveling to Spring Arbor University in January to teach a three-week intensive course on missions. Pray for Dan and for the students, especially those whom God is calling to the mission field.

Pray for Mike and Andrea Green as they explore how God would have them minister in their new neighborhood in Montevideo. Pray for the conversations they have along the way with the people they meet in everyday life.


Bishop Emeritus Joe James leads a team traveling in India through 11/27.


Pray for the many children who are waiting for sponsors. Pray that even in the midst of this waiting that they would experience God’s hand of care and provision.
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Larry and Katie Winckles
Dan and Hope Owsley
Mike and Andrea Green
Al and Diane Mellinger
David and Jill Sweet
Chance and Dee Dee Galloway


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