Hobby Benefits Global Ministries

His dining room table is covered with stamps – stamps spilling out of an envelope he has just received, stamps he has trimmed, stamps he has sorted and stamps ready for auction.

Rev. Raymond Banks began collecting stamps when he was a young boy. His grandmother corresponded with several missionaries, and Raymond was interested in the exotic stamps that came from overseas.

Since July 2000 Rev. Banks has been using his hobby to raise money for missions; he coordinates Project Missions.

More than 200 individuals and Women’s Ministries International groups in North America send Rev. Banks used postage stamps. He then recycles commerative and foreign ones for cash. The stamps are sold by the pound or in smaller lots to contacts in Vancouver and in the United States. The profits are given for projects approved by Free Methodist World Missions.

Since Rev. Banks began coordinating Project Missions, 28 projects – totaling $10,355 – have been funded through the sale of stamps. The most recent projects include:

  • Malawi – General Assistance ($200)
  • Haiti – Dessalines Hospital ($100)
  • Chile – Earthquake Relief ($100)
  • Haiti – Help Haiti Heal ($150)
  • Haiti – Delmas 53 Church Rebuild ($100)
  • India – Sewing Machines ($1000)

Started in the 1960s by Rev. Vincent Myers and his wife, Laura, Project Missions has raised more than $51,750 U.S. for global ministries.

Rev. Banks and his wife, Nancy, have pastored Free Methodist churches in Washington State and in British Columbia and Manitoba, Canada. They are retired from pastoral ministry and currently attend the Bellingham, WA, FMC. They have four grown children and six grandchildren. In their retirement they have traveled to the South Pacific, including Papua New Guinea where their youngest son and his family served as missionaries.

Rev. Banks is now planning a second retirement – from Project Missions in 2013. Are you interested in taking his place as the coordinator? If so, please let FMWM know of your interest and your background in stamp collecting/selling at this email: missions@fmcusa.org.

Do you have stamps to contribute to Project Missions? Click here for instructions.


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