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Katie Winckles, Hungary

Hungarians take their 1000 + year history seriously. For many it is a source of pride and national identity. At the same time, it can be a burden as heavy emotional baggage, both societal and personal, is dragged from generation to generation. Knowing they cannot change the nation’s past often prevents Hungarians from affecting changes in their personal lives in the present. But recently the Holy Spirit helped one woman in the Budapest church fellowship to change her family’s story.

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When Éva was a child, members of her mother’s family alienated themselves from each other because of a disagreement over inheritance issues. They refused to acknowledge one another in any way, and she was forbidden to even speak to her cousin, who was about her age.

Then one day, over 30 years later, Éva, now married with two children of her own, decided it was foolish to let the conflict in her mother’s family’s past hinder her present relationships. She found her cousin, now living in the United States, on Facebook and contacted her. The cousin was thrilled to hear from her. Their relationship was restored.

Éva’s life story had changed when it merged with God’s salvation story. Reconciled to God through Christ, she was released from the weight of her past. Now she was changing her family’s story.


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