Marietta Kali (Long) Papanagis

Greece – Associate/VISA

Kali is partnered with the FM Set Free Movement and is working with local organizations that address issues of modern-day slavery. Kali reaches out to women working on the streets at Nea Zoi (New Life). She is also helping build a rehabilitation program called Threads of Hope. Because prostitution is a legal business in Greece, Kali hopes to learn new ways to more effectively communicate what human trafficking is to Greeks as well as help rehabilitate women. She is the daughter of extended-term missionaries Michael and Maria Long.

set free web button half sizeFunding for Kali (Long) Papanagis¬†also supports creating new futures for those in modern-day slavery. Click the “Set Free” logo to read more.



Kali: November 9
Alceau: January 9


August 17

Pray for:

  • unity between the different organizations working to free slaves in Athens
  • safety during outreach activities and for better communication between Nea Zoi and the police
  • raising awareness of modern-day slavery in Athens
  • clarity in building rehabilitation programs for the future
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    Greece Set Free Projects

    Greece Nea Zoi Day Care Center
    Athens Anti-Trafficking Projects