National Trivia Day – FM Trivia

If you grew up in the Free Methodist Church you learned early on several acronyms used frequently-
CYC, FMY, WMS, etc.. Take our trivia quiz and see how well you do. Answers will be posted tomorrow


FM History Trivia

How many of these Free Methodist related acronyms do you know?


BOA-Board of Administration

BOB-Board of Bishops

BOD-Book of Discipline

CCC-Central Christian College

CE-Christian Education

CLC-Christian Life Club

CYC-Christian Youth Crusaders

CUE-Continental Urban Exchange

FMC-Free Methodist Church

FMF-Free Methodist Foundation

FMPH-Free Methodist Publishing House

FMY-Free Methodist Youth

GC-Greenville College

GMB-General Missionary Board

IYC-International Youth Conference

JMS-Junior Missionary Society

LAPC-Los Angeles Pacific College

LLC-Light and Life Communications

LLMF-Light and Life Men’s Fellowship

LLMI-Light and Life Men’s International

LLP-Light and Life Press

MMI-Men’s Ministries International

RWC-Roberts Wesleyan College

SAJC/SAC/SAU-Spring Arbor Junior College/Spring Arbor College/Spring Arbor University

SCAMP-Senior Citizens Are Marvelous People

SEED-Sustainable Empowerment through Economic Development

SPC/SPU-Seattle Pacific College/Seattle Pacific University

VISA-Volunteers In Service Abroad

WFMS-Women’s Foreign Missionary Society

WMC-World Ministries Center

WMFI-Woman’s Missionary Fellowship International

WMI-Women’s Ministries International

WMS-Women’s Missionary Society

YIA-Youth In Action

YPMS-Young Peoples Missionary Society

Additionally, Paul Stackhouse is challenging us with the following:

FMBQ-Free Methodist Bible Quizzing

HotLF-Hymns of the Living Faith

MT-Missionary Tidings

901R-901 Review (Newsletter)

OVS/OCHS/OCA-Oakdale Vocational School/Oakdale Christian High School/Oakdale Christian Academy

LPC-Lorne Park College

FMHQ-Free Methodist Headquarters

JWSF-John Wesley Seminary Foundation

ATS-Asbury Theological Seminary

MJBS-Moose Jaw Bible School

WSC-Wessington Springs College

EC-Earnest Christian

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