Missionary Tidings 120 Years Ago

Front cover of first issue May 1897The Missionary Tidings’ first issue was published in January, 1897 by the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Free Methodist Church.  It was published monthly at the Free Methodist Publishing House, 14-16 North May Street, Chicago, Illinois.  The subscription price for a single copy was 30 cents per year. If you wanted ten to twenty-five copies to one address the price was 25 cents each per year and twenty-five copies or more to one address would cost you 20 cents each- payable in advance.

The editor was Mrs. Mary Weems Chapman; associate editors: Mrs. Emma Sellew Roberts, Mrs. Emma Freeland Shay, Mrs. Ella Southworth Clark and Mrs. Mary Craig.

In this issue you can read about rural life in India, testimonies from converts in Africa (by Grace Allen), how the paper was named, entries from Clara Leffingwell (China), Celia Ferries and notes from the Missionary Secretary (B.Winget). You can read the full issue here Missionary Tidings Jan 1897

The paper transitioned in size over the years and has transitioned in title.  It became Free Methodist World Mission People in 1995, then Free Methodist World Mission Pulse in July 2015. It continues to keep its readers connected to mission work today.


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