Oral Histories

The goal of the Marston Historical Center is to “mine the past in order to inform the future.” One way we do this is by capturing the many individual stories that make up our Free Methodist Story.  Help us collect these individual stories of God’s faithfulness so that they become a part of our collective narrative.  You can help capture these stories individually or by organizing an oral history event.  Family camp or Annual Conference would be an opportune time to host an Oral History Booth and interview with those individuals who have served the denomination as a missionary, pastor, bishop, or layperson.

Our website includes a list of completed interviews. If you know of someone who has a story to tell and is willing to have their story placed in the Free Methodist Archive, please help us out!

A Oral History Packet is available online giving guidance and direction on how to conduct an interview, suggested questions and a release form. Read this information, identify an individual, set up a time and place, video tape the interview then send a DVD to the Historical Center or use Drop Box to get a video to us and mail in the release.

Oral History Packet

We have a list of suggested individuals to be interviewed, please contact us if you are interested or have any questions. history@fmcusa.org or call 317-244-3660.

Completed Oral History Interviews

  • Robert Andrews interviewed by Vondria Bergen
  • Harry Ansted interviewed by Louise Campbell
  • Donald Bastian interviewed by Robert Andrews
  • Lola and Gordon Bell interviewed by Norma Cathey
  • Ruth and Doane Bonney interviewed by Bruce Cromwell
  • Mary and Herbert Coates interviewed by Bruce Cromwell
  • Betty Ellen Cox interviewed by Jon Kulaga
  • Carolyn and Robert Cranston interviewed by Bruce Cromwell
  • W. Dale Cryderman interviewed by Carroll Fortess
  • Norman Edwards interviewed by Norma Cathey
  • Lester (Larry) Finger interviewed by Louise Campbell
  • Alene and John Gilmore interviewed by Bruce Cromwell
  • Gertrude Haight interviewed by Elmore Clyde
  • Gwen and Tilman Houser interviewed by Norma Cathey
  • Esther Shelhamer James interviewed by Donald Joy
  • Bruce Kline interviewed by Don Mason
  • George Herbert Livingston interviewed by Donald Joy
  • V.O. Bud McDole interviewed by Jeffrey Bilbro
  • David McKenna interviewed by Norma Cathey
  • John Miyabe interviewed by Louise Campbell
  • Carol and Frank Ogden interviewed by Norma Cathey
  • Elmer Parsons interviewed by David Williams
  • Mervin Russell interviewed by Everett Campbell
  • Ruby and John Schlosser interviewed by Norma Cathey
  • David Shigekawa interviewed by Louise Campbell
  • Dean and Faith Smidderks interviewed by Jay Cordova
  • Marilyn and Frank Thompson interviewed by Bruce Cromwell-