Living Proof

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We live in a day when so many people are saying “show me the proof” in reference to our testimony about God. We know that “love” is the evidence that will tell the world who we are (John 13:35). We know that the love of God is proof for others that we are “of God” and living “in God.” That is the proof for others. But, what about proof for those of us who already believe. What proof do we have?

The Holy Spirit is our proof (1 John 4:13) and our guarantee (Ephesians 1:14). It is the internal witness of the Holy Spirit that God’s promises are revealed as true, that God is alive and active in us. He is the evidence to us of Christ’s presence in us (John 15:26). He is our proof and assurance.

If you labor to know the truth and struggle to know God’s presence, ask the Spirit of God to make his presence clear to you. Seriously! Ask him. Jesus said, “You have not because you ask not.” That should not be a verse held hostage by those who think we need to incessantly ask God for “stuff.” We don’t need stuff. We need the Holy Spirit and the help in our weakness that only he can bring (Romans 8:26-27). This is most clearly the case with those who struggle with God’s assurance. They haven’t asked God for the presence of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of knowing the One for whom they can live. They might just want an experience- not the Spirit himself. The Holy Spirit is not an experience to enjoy, but a Comforter, to engage us. I’ve never known him to leave us in the dark. He fills God’s people with light and with God’s Presence that leaves assurance the size of an ocean in our souls.

Matthew Thomas
By Matthew Thomas

In my sixth decade of seeing God work simply increases my faith. Born in California, raised in Washington, ministered in Washington, Oregon, Canada, Philippines, Idaho and now all over the world has given me reason to believe and praise. My wife, Marlene and four children (Luke, Mitch, Samuel and Charese) give me reason to give deep thanks. My eight beautiful grandchildren (Jalen, Jordan, Katelin, Andrew, Eli, Callia, Asher and Mikaela) give me reason to see that grace reaches beyond our immediate present into our un-conceived future. Serving with a great team in the Free Methodist Church makes me a blessed person in a blessed place, serving with blessed people.

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