Happy Easter Ever After

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The aftermath is always something interesting.  The aftermath of Christmas involves cleaning, taking down lights, putting away trees, eating leftovers, prepping for the new year and writing “thank-you”s.  What is the aftermath of Easter?  Aside from a few eggs that may have been undiscovered, there isn’t much for most folks.  Decorations are fewer, vacations are less, no new year is around the corner, school is still in session.  So, we typically don’t think of Easter aftermath.  But we should.

We have been re-invigorated with the message of life.  We have remembered the cost and celebrate the life.  Hope is recast.  Then we look around and many people are not aware.  The aftermath of Easter involves coming to the world with the hope and spreading it around.

I hope you have much to do now and much to share.  The risen Christ would want it that way.

Matthew Thomas
By Matthew Thomas

In my sixth decade of seeing God work simply increases my faith. Born in California, raised in Washington, ministered in Washington, Oregon, Canada, Philippines, Idaho and now all over the world has given me reason to believe and praise. My wife, Marlene and four children (Luke, Mitch, Samuel and Charese) give me reason to give deep thanks. My eight beautiful grandchildren (Jalen, Jordan, Katelin, Andrew, Eli, Callia, Asher and Mikaela) give me reason to see that grace reaches beyond our immediate present into our un-conceived future. Serving with a great team in the Free Methodist Church makes me a blessed person in a blessed place, serving with blessed people.

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