Matthew A. Thomas has been an active part of the Free Methodist Church since 1979, serving in a variety of roles that include pastor, church planter, missionary and superintendent.  He has served throughout the Columbia River Conference, the Northern Philippine Conference, and on many denominational boards, committees and task forces.  Matt was consecrated as bishop of the FMCNA on July 13, 2007.

A passionate commitment to evangelism, discipleship and leadership development has been foundational for Matt’s life in ministry.  He has been actively engaged in sharing Christ with the unsaved, praying with them to receive salvation and helping them grow to maturity.

Matt has been married to Marlene for almost 40 years.  They have three sons and one daughter, all of whom are married – Luke & Jennifer, Mitch & Chelsea, Sam & Christy, and Charese & David.  They are blessed that all are serving in ministry either as volunteers or vocationally.  Mitch departed this earth in September, 2008 to serve as a full-time worshipper of God around the throne. They also have five beautiful granddaughters (Jalen, Jordan, Callia, Mikaela, Katelin) and three handsome grandsons (Andrew, Eli and Asher.)