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Registration is OPEN for the NATIONAL RAYER SUMMIT! Click the button to the right to register NOW.

What gives birth to a deeper movement of God that replicates the entirety of the Good News?  Prayer.  Listen to Bishop Kendall describe His heart and passion for “More” in the American Church today.

The NPM is dedicated to helping churches and congregants take their praying to new areas of depth and closeness to God. As we explore the inexhaustible riches of God in prayer, we will strengthen our ability to give voice to the will of God for the FMC.

Join in a unified movement of intercessory prayer as sisters and brothers from all over the FMC saturate the church in prayer. Your voice is needed to join the Choir of Prayer singing the song that cries out to God on behalf of the church.

The fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to set the captives free is the fruit of a Biblical House of Prayer. The NPM is committed to seeing every church thrive as a House of Prayer, fully experiencing the transformative power of the Gospel for the captives.

“We have high hopes that a people called Free Methodist will be on the front edge of multiplied blessing in coming years. We believe that’s where God is calling us to be, but none of it will work unless somehow there can be a renewal, a fresh inbreathing of the Spirit of God.”

-Bishop David Kendall