Vision Cast: Multiplication Plan

The inevitable, global spread of the gospel through Spirit-led movements was clearly prophesied by Jesus (Acts 1:8). The breadth of discipleship to global proportions was both commanded and promised by him as well (Mathew 28:18-20). He has gone on record as not only commanding, but predicting ongoing growth and impact in and through His church. And, there are enough multiplication movements throughout history to inspire the present generation to seek the Spirit’s aid to accomplish this.
The Free Methodist Church – USA Board of Bishops have produced a series of videos to explain the need, enter into a discussion to find solutions, and introduce some exemplars in each of the areas discussed. Each week a new chapter of the series will be released.

The FMCUSA’s calendar, budget and resources will be reoriented to achieve the Multiplication Plan. Every Annual Conference will be asked to fully participate. Every local church will be asked to seek God and fully engage to become part of a multiplication movement. Each Annual Conference possesses strategic vision. Each local church should as well. This initiative will not replace, but augment and undergird those most vigorous efforts and aid where no vision or trajectory exists. Our leadership development processes (MEG, JWSF, AFMEI, FMYC) will also be resourced to help us accomplish these ends. The Decade of Harvest Initiative established by the World Conference serves to motivate. But, the need of our world, the opportunity offered in our culture and the mandate of our Lord move us to action.