A Gaggle of MissionariesLast week, the largest gathering of US missionaries in recent history met before the official beginning of the 2011 General Conference at Roberts Wesleyan College. One of the highlights for me was meeting Jason Archer, Executive Director of Light & Life Communications. He blew my mind about the potential of using social networks to get our message out. He used phrases like “getting into the hive” and “getting into the cloud” to describe our technological future!

You’ll soon see a difference in our blog. O yea, I we got to see a lot of family and friends from all over the country too! Next up- NY. and PA.

  • Friday night: Maplecrest FM church/ 5.30 hr. drive
  • Saturday night: Canastawaga Valley Free Methodist Church/ 2.20 hr. drive
  • Sunday morning two services: Alleghany Creekside FM church/ 4.15 hr drive
  • Sunday afternoon and evening: Cattaragus FM Camp/ 1 hr. drive
  • Monday- Tuesday: Kitski Valley FM Camp/ 3.30 hr. drive
  • Tuesday- Wednesday: Pleasantville FM Camp/ 2 hr. drive
  • Friday Night: Park Ridge FM/ 4 hr. drive

*whisper a prayer for safety and that we would be a blessing to everyone we meet!
Dank u!
Dick and Sheila