In Finance our vision is to provide


* Christ-centered service
* Accurate and relevant information
And to
* Identify trends and changes
* Enable wise decisions

Here at the Free Methodist World Ministries Center (WMC) we are committed to a vision of greatness.  As the USA support services division for our denomination, we have adopted a vision statement of “Together, as servants of Jesus Christ, we are valued for our excellent service to meet the changing needs of our growing worldwide church.”  Core values have been established that will define our behavior.  These values are love, integrity, trust, respect, commitment, servanthood and excellence.

In order to achieve this expression of optimism, of triumph and faith, the WMC leadership team, in cooperation with the Board of Bishops and the Board of Administration, began pursuing the following goals these last three years:

1. Vision and values
2. Strategic planning
3. Financial accountability
4. Team building
5. Investment in technology

The purpose for committing to these goals is to free people and dollars for ministry and to allow for a more rapid distribution of God’s message to the world.