Clergy/Church Financial Matters

 Helpful information and links


Sometimes you may feel in need of information and don’t know who to ask.  Hopefully we can guide you in the right direction.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) information –  Does my Church have an EIN?  Does the IRS require an EIN?  Am I able to see if our Church is listed on the IRS website as a non-profit entity?

Tax issues for Ordained Ministers – This link covers questions like “As a pastor, does the IRS consider me an employee or self employed?” and other things you might want to know.

Are you selling or mortgaging your church-owned property?  Do we have to let the World Ministries Center know?  What form do we fill out?

Guidelines for local church stewardship – This is a list of some pointers and tips to assist churches and treasurers.  These guidelines should be followed as closely as possible .


Here is a list of websites that may be helpful for church treasurers or pastors:

  • Free Methodist Foundation – Located in Spring Arbor, Michigan, The Free Methodist Foundation offers a variety of financial services.
  • Church Benefits Association – CBA is an association of pension boards, religious orders and denominational benefit programs for clergy and church professionals.  Membership is voluntary and is open to any organization sponsoring or administering church benefit programs.
  • Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability – ECFA is an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public’s trust.  They focus on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charity resources.  ECFA membership entitles a ministry to use ECFA’s seal and receive other membership benefits.  FMC-USA is a member of ECFA.
  • Dan Busby – He is a CPA and President of ECFA.  His website has various articles and books, as well as some good common sense tips for non-profit organizations.
  • Crown Financial Ministries (Larry Burkett) – Crown offers several resources and materials for churches, teachers and pastors.  Their goal is to apply biblical financial principles and help people draw closer to Christ, freeing them to become more generous givers.
  • Dave Ramsey on finances – This website offers tools, products and classes (Financial Peace University) with Christian principles to help get out of debt and have a plan for your money.
  • American Institute of CPAs – AICPA is a membership based company geared towards CPAs.  They provide the training, professional skills, programs, services and publications CPAs need to stay current.