Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund

While this video was shot and produced after flooding in December of 2011, there has been more flooding in the Philippines during August of 2012, near the country’s capital of Manila, and of course most recently as a result of Typhoon Haiyan. Your gifts to the Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund will serve to aid the most recent recovery efforts.

About the Fund

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The Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund (formerly known as the Bishops’ Famine and Relief Fund) is a first line of rapid response to aid Free Methodists affected by natural disasters, famine and persecution. It is a means for the U.S. church to provide immediate, focused assistance through our church’s local, international and missions infrastructure. We are thankful for the trust you place in the administration of this fund and believe it will help us to respond in Jesus’ name as crises arise around the world.

Below represents just a few examples of where previous fund contributions have been allocated to provide needed relief.

Crisis Response Fund Allocations:

  • Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund: General needs around the world
  • Philippines: Past flooding and Typhoon Haiyan recovery
  • Thailand and Cambodia: Flooding recovery
  • Japan: Tsunami recovery
  • Haiti: Earthquake recovery
  • Haiti Medical Crisis: Earthquake recovery specifically used for medical needs

Here’s how it works:

  • People give to the fund in advance of or in response to an emergency.
  • As crises arise, church leaders nearest the need make a request.
  • The need is shared with the area bishop and the area missions director for their endorsement and support.
  • Once the crisis is verified, the information is shared among the Board of Bishops.
  • If approved, the funds are wired immediately to the point of need.
  • Missionaries and church leaders in the affected country distribute food, medicines or building materials.
  • At the conclusion of the distribution, a report is filed on how the gifts were used.

Previous Years Disbursements

Disbursement details by year

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