Global Wesleyan Alliance Formed


After more than two years of dialogue, prayer and planning leaders of 11 Wesleyan holiness denominations formally launched the Global Wesleyan Alliance on Dec. 3, 2011 in Anderson, Ind.  The Alliance is the culmination of conversations by Wesleyan holiness denominations to better coordinate their cumulative and cooperative efforts to advance the gospel message and activity in keeping with their historically shared holiness theology and praxis.

The 11 denominations include the Free Methodist Church USA, Church of the Nazarene, The Wesleyan Church, Church of God (Anderson), The Evangelical Church, Evangelical Methodist Church, Churches of Christ in Christian Union, The Missionary Church, Congregational Methodist Church, Church of Christ Holiness USA, and Pilgrim Holiness Church.  The bishops, general superintendents and/or general directors of each denomination were represented and unanimously approved the formation of the GWA.  Though there had been some preliminary conversation of denominational merger among some of the GWA members, it was concluded that an alliance would better serve the aims of each group and eliminate the cumbersome cost, complexity and administrative hardship required by merger.

The intent of the GWA is to deepen connection between like-minded denominations through the following:

  • Cooperative ministry ventures.
  • Sharing pastors and making transfer and appointment of clergy across denominational lines more easily attainable.
  • Sharing and promoting materials and events aimed at advancing shared Kingdom concerns.
  • Increasing community among leaders at all levels.
  • Collaborating together in compassion and justice ministries.
  • Leveraging voice and contributions on matters commonly important to all groups.
  • Convening events to promote the holiness message and experience, discipleship, church health, compassion and justice ministries, leadership development and networking.

The first action of the Global Wesleyan Alliance is a call to prayer for all associated denominations for spiritual awakening, revival and commitment to personal and social holiness.  The GWA board of directors includes:  Dr. Jerry Pence, President (General Superintendent- The Wesleyan Church); Dr. Tom Hermiz, Vice President (General Superintendent- Churches of Christ in Christian Union); Dr. David Graves, Secretary (General Superintendent- Church of the Nazarene); Dr. Ronald Duncan, Treasurer (General Director- Church of God, Anderson); and Dr. David Kendall (Bishop- Free Methodist Church USA).

The GWA denominational representatives will meet on at least an annual basis to continue to develop and implement strategies for the advancement of the kingdom of God and the synergistic support of the efforts of the alliance member denominations.

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