How to Help Child Immigrants

Image is courtesy of National Latino Evangelical Coalitio.

Free Methodists care about marginalized people because Jesus cares about them. In fact, He identifies so closely with them that He says we serve Him when we serve them (Matthew 25:31–46). From the beginning of our movement, we have passionately sought to follow Jesus, no matter the consequences. The freedom celebrated in our name provides powerful incentive for responding to the immigration crisis facing our nation.

We celebrate the freedom to follow Jesus against the currents of “the world” with its materialistic, humanistic and selfish — egocentric and ethnocentric — commitments. We do not respond to current issues in lockstep with political or ideological agendas. Likewise, we celebrate the freedom God intends for all people to live life to the full as only Jesus provides. We seek to serve people in the way we know Jesus would if He were in our shoes, regardless of the circumstances that bring people across our paths.

Because of who we are as followers of Christ, made free by His Spirit, we gladly collaborate with fellow followers in pursuit of God’s peace and blessing for all peoples. The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) is comprised of leaders in the justice movement from several evangelical denominations, including Free Methodists. As a part of our bishops’ strategy to “Embrace All,” we want you to be aware of the coalition’s activities related to the current immigration crisis in the United States.

Here is some information from NaLEC about its efforts. For more detailed information and to become involved, click here.


NaLEC is convinced that as evangelicals we cannot abandon our responsibility and Christian leadership in protecting the most vulnerable by denying trafficked and migrating children meaningful care. The Refugio campaign is dedicated to providing compassionate service and advocacy for the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors arriving to the Southwest border of the United States and beyond. Refugio is based on the biblical imperative of hospitality and care for the widow, orphan and stranger.

Approximately 52,000 unaccompanied minors fleeing violence have crossed the U.S.- Mexico border since the fall of last year.  The evangelical church has a moral imperative to respond wisely and compassionately.

In light of this humanitarian crisis,NaLEC has been actively assessing the situation to determine ways the church can best be involved. NaLEC has partnered with Urban Strategies to provide ministry for these children. NaLEC is providing more than 500 beds to house these children with our local NaLEC partners across the country.

How Can I Help the Refugio Campaign?

Pray for these unaccompanied children, ages 3 to 17.  NaLEC is gathering churches across the nation to unite in prayer on behalf of the suffering immigrants. NaLEC believes prayer is the most valuable tool to change the course of our nation.

The Refugio campaign is based on the principles of dignity, respect and love for children — all of whom are created in the image of God. The Refugio Advocacy campaign’s principles would ensure that these unaccompanied minors receive humane treatment and appropriate legal representation in light of biblical principles.

Establish and provide temporary shelter group care for 25 to 100 unaccompanied in a nurturing and caring environment. Click here to submit an application.

Provide transitional foster care homes for unaccompanied children under 13 years of age, those that are siblings and pregnant/parenting teens. For information, contact Cristina at 407-683-6830 or

There are many ways to become involved now. As more Child Development Centers open, needs will surface that will require resources above and beyond any original estimates. Join NaLEC by learning more and donating at

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