Discipleship Ecosystem: Developing the Fruit of the Spirit by the Presence of God (PRE-ORDER)

I realized early on that the Spiritual Disciplines were the key. These classic verbs that describe the variety of interactions we can have with God were descriptions of accessing the complexity and community of God. I also realized that Spiritual Gifts as well as Fruit of the Spirit were inextricably connected to experiencing God in a growth relationship.  But if this is God’s method to mature us then why was I not seeing very many fruitful Christians?  Were most of us so detached from God that we were not experiencing the nourishment necessary for fruit to grow? Why were so many gifted people using their gifts without love, or patience or even kindness? Why were there so many poisoned apples within the orchard of God’s people?  These questions led me to God’s discipleship ecosystem.


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About The Author

Dr. Denny Wayman

Dr. Denny Wayman, DMin. in pastoral counseling, is
completing his 40th year as senior pastor. Denny
and Cheryl develop and continue to teach Peer
and Pastoral Counseling classes and Healthy
Church seminars at their church and across the
country, which they have done for over 20 years.
they have two married sons and daughters-in-law
who have given them five grandchildren – they
count these nine amazing people as their
greatest blessings!


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