The last month has been a whirlwind of activity in the Yost house as Mitchell has had all of his graduation celebrations, graduation itself and his open house this past Saturday.  It seems just like yesterday that Mitchell learned how to walk at 10 months old.  Now as I sit her writing he has driven away heading towards camp where he will be working for the summer teaching others how to “spiritually walk”.  I have to be the proud mom and say how wonderful it is to see my son following God’s will in his life and being a man who seeks after God’s heart.  Isn’t that every Christian parents prayer for their children to grow up to love and serve the Lord.  As Mitch takes his first flight out of our home and into the world my prayer is that he will continue to hold onto that faith and integrity who makes him the young man that he is. I pray as he works with kids at camp this summer that he would guide them in the direction they should go by directing them to God’s Word.  Let this be a good reminder to us to seek God’s Word for the guidance we need in our lives no matter how old we are.