Cheer up, Church!

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The sheep of Lancashire, England, grazing on rolling hills, bleated at us to tell this story. We imposed on the Carter family and Robert graciously sent his dog Monty across the field to round-up several sheep for the storytelling. Between calls of “walk,” and “away,” Monty kept the sheep in line while I wrestled with a lamb!

Grumpy, grumbling, complaining church people spark 3 stories from Jesus. This is the first, the story of how happy you’d be if you found your sheep that’s in desperate danger. We don’t celebrate the 99 sheep, we celebrate the found sheep.

In the version of the story that Matthew records, it’s about care for children; here in Luke, it’s about celebrating! So party on, church!

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David Roller
By David Roller

David T. Roller served for 17 years as a Free Methodist missionary in Mexico, then for 10 years as Latin America Area Director for Free Methodist World Missions and in July of 2007 was elected a bishop of the Free Methodist Church of North America.

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