This is the one I was Dreading

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Over the past 5 years, in free moments here and there, Yvonne and I have been working to record the whole book of Luke in an oral, narrative style. There will be a total of 85 segments; 56 of them are done, 11 are shot but need to be edited, and 15 are left to shoot. We expect to finish the whole gospel of Luke in early 2019. But here’s the one I have been dreading…the genealogy. Since I’m a terrible memorizer I knew this would be a challenge for me, plus I couldn’t figure out how to make it visually interesting.

Then, in the airport in Manila, Philippines two weeks ago, we had an idea…see what you think. I like it!

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David Roller
By David Roller

David T. Roller served for 17 years as a Free Methodist missionary in Mexico, then for 10 years as Latin America Area Director for Free Methodist World Missions and in July of 2007 was elected a bishop of the Free Methodist Church of North America.

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