FM Logos

A version of the current FM logo was adopted in the late 80s and is distinct from the United Methodist logo because of its differently-shaped flame that stretches across the globe behind the cross.

A full-color, updated version of the logo was created in 2011 and debuted on this web site when it launched in April of that year.

The FM logo comes in three forms — black and white, three-color and full-color — all of which are represented with links below. “Lo Res” files are for on-screen display, i.e. website use. “Hi Res” files are for use in printed materials and will take longer to download due to their size. The Logo Components files are in a printable, format. These documents break the logo apart and give useful information for professional printing jobs and church signmaking. Logos for print are found in the zip file.

On a PC → right Click + Save as. | On a Mac → hold down option + click

These are vector graphic files for your local printer.

FMCUSA LOGO [Click Here To Download]