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The Owsleys are involved in church planting and leadership training in the capital city of Brasilia. Dan disciples and counsels FM pastors. Hope is involved in Bible study, discipleship and the editing of a devotional book based on John Wesley’s sermons. Both teach Bible and theology classes to church leadership and lend support and encouragement to church plants in the greater Brasilia area.

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Pray for:

Pray for Dan and Hope to have opportunities to share the gospel with friends and neighbors.

Pray for the Riacho Fundo church plant and for God’s anointing on the lead pastor and his wife (Peterson and Adriana).

Pray for Dan as he disciples future FM leaders and mentors area FM pastors.

Praise the Lord for the couples who are coming to Christ through home meetings. Pray for Dan and Hope as they disciple these new believers.


Hope - September 13

Dan - February 15


June 8

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Owsleys in Brazil

  • Call the Whole Family! by Dan Owsley

    Recently I visited Manoel, a van driver who I befriended last year. He welcomed me onto his veranda where we were joined by his wife and step daughter. After small talk, I asked him about his walk with God. He told me he was faithfully reading the Bible I had given him. His step-daughter confided …

  • Divine Encounter

    After a ten day visit to NE Brazil, Dan and I were packing up to return to Brasília. I remembered that I’d promised our old neighbor one last visit so Dan and I halted our preparations and we walked around the block to say good-bye. Fatima was home and sent her granddaughter across to the …

  • To Love the Unlovable

    Janda and her mother had never gotten along. The fact that Janda was her father’s favorite caused jealousy, and Janda’s mom treated her spitefully throughout her childhood. Finally, she married and left home. She and her husband Jorge had only one child, Maria Eduarda, who was very precious to them. When Maria Eduarda entered high school, …

  • Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

              Last month I was visiting a Brazilian friend who lives in a remote town in NE Brazil. She teaches in a public school and asked if I’d be willing to visit each classroom to say a few words in English. We went through the standard, “Hello, how are you? I’m fine thanks, etc.” in …

  • The Soccer Connection by Dan Owsley

    “Pastor, would you pleeeeeease coach my soccer team?” nine-year old Miguel asked excitedly. “Your team? You have a team?” I answered. I knew that Miguel was crazy about soccer. He always talked about his favorite players and teams when we came, but, this was news to me. Pastor Peterson and I had visited Miguel’s home …

  • Unexpected Fruit

    Recently the Lord gave us the privilege of visiting Petrolina, a city where we served almost 20 years ago. It was a joy to see many whom we had discipled actively serving the Lord. To tell the truth, my memories of our early days there are a blur because I was too busy chasing after our four …