Mitch and Lynn Sue Pierce

Northern Europe

Mitch serves as the Regional Director for Northern Europe. He and Lynn Sue reside in Stafford, NY. The Pierces give oversight to our leaders and churches by means of two annual visits to Europe and monthly Skype connections with the leadership team. Primarily serving in a ministry of encouragement, with some administrative duties, the Pierces strive to develop partnerships for prayer, promotion and funding of our Free Methodist work in Europe.

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Pray for:

Pray for more leaders with multiplication-mindsets to prepare the soil for a good harvest.

Please pray for Misha and Lena, our ministry partners in Ukraine. They are expecting their third child in December and are looking for a larger home which may double as the ministry center. This young couple is being disciple and they are making disciples. Pray for God to raise up more workers for the harvest in Ukraine and around the world.

Pray for next-generation leaders to reach millennials. The church in Oostende, Belgium is largely being led by two young women. Pray for their husbands to come to Christ, and for the church to have a good outreach to other immigrants.

Pray for Pastor Lawrence from Oostende, Belgium FMC. His mother passed away and he would like to go home to Ghana for her funeral. Support can be given through the Belgium CSA.

Praise the Lord for Pastor Eleazar receiving refugee status in Brussels, Belgium after 14 years of denied application.


Mitch: May 5

Lynn Sue: June 1


June 12

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