Raouf & Yvette Soliman

Spain – Europe

Raouf is an Egyptian missionary based in Madrid, Spain. His mission is to work mainly with refugees and immigrants in Europe who come from the Middle East and the Arab world. He is helping implement a Community Church Planting strategy through the Impact Europe / L10E Network where national leaders are developed to reach others. He also serves the european church by training its leaders on how to establish faith communities among nationals.

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1.) ¬ Divine favor, wisdom, and guidance.
2.) ¬ Good health and protection of the whole family.
3.) ¬ Many nationals, immigrants and refugees come to know Christ and be discipled.
4.) ¬ Laborers to work in the field. 5.) ¬ Prayerful financial support.


Raouf – January 1

Yvette – April 8

Giovanni – March 1

Gloria and Grace – November 5


November 25

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