Roger and Deborah Varland

Varland Family

Associate/VISA – Kenya

Roger and Deborah were appointed in November 2015 to serve as teachers at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kijabe, Kenya. Having served three one-year terms at RVA over the past two decades, the Varlands and their two Kenyan sons plan to stay for five years. Since RVA is a K-12 boarding school with a majority in grades 7-12, Roger and Deborah spend as much time with students out of the classroom as they do teaching.

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Pray for:

stateside family members (adult children Luke and Grace; Roger and Deb's mothers)

partnership/support building for their ministry

transition while straddling two continents


Roger – March 8

Deb – February 3

Reid – June 15, 2001

Sid – October 9, 2002


June 18

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