Cole Family

Haiti – Associate/VISA

Cole's spend approximately six months of each year in Haiti beginning in October and returning home to the states the end of March. They work for the Free Methodist Mission during 'team season' at that time doing the following. Russ uses his skills to keep vehicles, generators, inverters and other mission equipment running at the Claire Heureuse Hospital in Dessalines and elsewhere in Haiti. He designs trusses for new buildings, as well as facilitating incoming short term ministry teams at the hospital. Sherrie runs a guest house for these teams. The Coles have five adult children and 14 grandchildren.

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Pray for:

the country of Haiti

people in Haiti to find jobs so they can feed their families and build better homes; many young people completing their education find there are no jobs available

the many orphaned children to taken in to homes where they are loved and cared for

That Haiti receives work teams to help build the many needed churches and schools. So many communities are worshipping under trees, or in poorly constructed buildings.


Russ: June 24

Sherrie: November 1


August 13

Contact Russ and Sherrie:


Serving in Haiti

  • Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Dear Friends, Looking back, This last season was as always, very busy. It seems that as we shorten our time in Haiti, the pace just gets faster. We are encouraged by the progress being made on several fronts. We are continuing to work with a young Haitian contractor, Peter, on the building projects. The quality … Continue reading

  • Blessings and Needs

    Dear Friends, After an eight week break for the holidays spent with our family, we will once again to return to Haiti for the winter season of work.  We plan to be there until March 15 this year for “team season”.  We have several teams planning on coming this year, however, there is always room … Continue reading

  • April, 2017 Making God Laugh

    Dear Friends, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the phrase, “Know how to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans”. I’m pretty sure God has been laughing quite a bit lately where we are concerned. This past “Haiti Season” has passed extremely fast even though it seems everything we planned went sideways in … Continue reading

  • Thank you!

    Dear Friends and Supporters, Another year has gone by where we have been faithfully supported.  Both prayer and financially support are so important.   In October, Haiti was once again hit by another devastating hurricane.  Hurricane Matthew ransacked the southern part of the island viciously.  Many coastal towns are no longer livable. Not only the shelters were blown … Continue reading

  • December Update

    Dear Friends, Not really sure where to begin! The last month and a half have been extremely busy. As I write this a team from four Washington churches are finishing a project down south in the small rural community of Bertrand. I spoke of this community in the last update. The church roof was gone, … Continue reading

  • October 2016 Update

      October 2016 Update Dear Friends, Although we’ve only been here a few weeks, it seems like months. I’m not complaining, just trying to give you an idea of what is happening here. As soon as we arrived we met with Bishop Desvariste to plan touring the damaged areas from Hurricane Matthew. We  hosted a … Continue reading