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Seth and Hlawn Hlawn reside in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with their two young sons. Seth serves as a member of the Asia Leadership Team, the Asia area administrator for FMWM and as the executive director of In Better Hands (an affiliate ministry partner of the FMC-USA). Hlawn Hlawn serves as the Myanmar country director for In Better Hands. She is also studying the Thai language full time.

In Better Hands was established to care for children at high risk of being trafficked; visit for more informatin.

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Pray for:

• continued development of friendships in Asia

• Thai language acquisition for the entire family

• safety and good health so they can be productive in their work

• souls in Asia that have never heard the gospel

• continued provision and effectiveness for the In Better Hands ministry


Seth - September 3
Hlawn Hlawn - November 4
Jason - October 9
Noah - December 1


January 23

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In Better Hands

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