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  The Free Methodist Church – USA is proud to be a part of Giving Tuesday. This movement started as a simple day for anyone, anywhere to donate, lend their voice or their time to support the causes they believe in. Now it is the largest giving movement throughout the world. Today you can select the ministry of your choice and donate simply by clicking on their logo below. Your gift reaches beyond these 24 hours of giving to help communities and people around the world in positive ways that will nurture and sustain brighter, healthier futures.
SEED Livelihood – SEED Livelihood Network comes alongside Free Methodist Churches around the world to help them reach out to their community through micro-enterprise. Sometimes the micro-enterprise that makes sense is handicrafts ( Many times, it is a community-based business. SEED is excited to be doing a pilot project, along with the Set Free Movement and International Child Care Ministries, called Wunders. The mission of Wunders is to help girls stay in school. We do this through helping local livelihood groups create high quality reusable menstrual pads, and teaching girls, boys, and their families that we are all wonderfully created in the image of God. Donate to SEED here, and donate to Wunders here.

To give to SEED, please CLICK HERE.

  International Child Care Ministries – International Child Care Ministries (ICCM) started in 1965 and is now changing lives in 33 countries. ICCM wants to create a world in which every child is loved, safe and developing their God-given potential. They advocate for the spiritual, physical, cognitive and social development of children through sponsorship and beyond. The impact of ICCM through its supporters is monumental. Through support they have been able to provide over 1,500 water filters to communities to have access to fresh water, they have opened over 99 schools internationally and provided over 1.5 million meals to children. There is still a great number of communities and children that can be helped by sponsorship, special projects and much more.

To give to ICCM, please CLICK HERE.

Marston Memorial Historical Center – The Marston Memorial Historical Center has been resourcing the global Free Methodist Church since 1969. It houses journals, ledgers, publications, photographs and documents pertaining to the 161 year history of the Free Methodist Church. These documents include … The Center has many projects in the works including digitization which is invaluable for people … All of this is done through the generous support of the FM community and beyond.

To give to the Marston Memorial Historical Center , please CLICK HERE.


Free Methodist World Missions – The One Voice Offering is a year end fund raising effort to support emerging church plants and developing leaders in 54 countries around the world. These are critical funds as Free Methodist World Missions makes disciples by mobilizing the global church and empowering internationalleaders to establish transformational churches.







To give to FMWM, please CLICK HERE.

To give to the One Voice Project,  please CLICK HERE.

Set Free Movement content: There are tens of millions of slaves in our world today. Real slaves. Women, men and children. Unable to walk away, under the threat of violence, forced to do things they don’t want to do. Our world is broken, but we are not powerless. One of the most effective ways you can join the movement is by chipping in whatever amount you can to help fund freedom. Help us create new futures today!

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