Free Methodism is Born

On this date in history (August 23, 1860) Free Methodism was born.  This important decision was made in Pekin, NY on the property of S.K.J. Chesbrough.

Bishop Leslie R. Marston records this in his book From Age to Age a Living Witness, L&L Press, 1860; p. 255-263.

” There was general accord among the delegates on the adoption of a Discipline by which the new church should be governed.  This harmony was the more remarkable in view of the fact that it prevailed among eager reformers, all of whom were seeking to embody their moral, religious and ecclesiastical ideals in such a document as the Discipline of a new church, just coming to birth.  B.T. Roberts wrote in his account of the convention, ‘It was as surprising as delightful to notice the similarity of views entertained by men who think for themselves coming from different parts of the country’ (The Earnest Christian, v.1, Sept. 1860; p.291)

We cite a few outstanding provisions of the Discipline adopted by the convention:

Greater democracy in church government

The Articles of Religion changed by four deletions and two additions

Establishing standards of church membership

Establishing standards for local churches

A Biblical rather than a popular standard

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