• Six days
  • 1,150 miles ( 1,000 on the small
  • roads of NY and PA)
  • Four hrs. of torrential rain, cracking thunder, blazing lightening and a leaky roof
  • Nine Speaking engagements
  • Meeting new friends and recruiting a prayer posse…priceless!

The little guy in yellow is Eric. He was our little shadow who literal was there to serve us at Kiski Valley Camp… as the teens say, he was “fly”! Pastor Al and Karen Bugos of Living Faith Community lead an incredibly generous church in the Catskills of NY, Pastor Ken and one of his leaders pray over us at Creekside FM in Allegheny, NY and we also had the privilege of hanging out with two energizer bunnies- Pastor Neil of Canastawaga FM on my left and big Pat Bankich, one of the youth workers there. Spreading the news of God’s work in Belgium and France is an incredible privilege! Keep praying that we will be a blessing to all we meet and by God’s grace, mobilize church planters for Western Europe!

Being Disciple, Making Disciple:
Dick and Sheila

PS Can you help? We need a car out West August 23-September 27th email me at revd58@gmail.com