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Online Courses offered through the Free Methodist World Ministries Center are FM History and Polity; Inductive Bible/How to study the Bible; Introduction to Christian Doctrine and Wesleyan Theology and Homiletics.

Start dates for these online courses in 2019 (Each course is a 7-week intensive study)
* May 28, 2019 – July 15, 2019
* July 16, 2019 – September 2, 2019
* September 3, 2019 – October 21, 2019
* October 22, 2019 – December 9, 2019

Correspondence Courses offered through the FMC World Ministry Center are listed in the Course Enrollment form available below. Students have up to 8 months to complete the course.

Download Course Enrollment Form (course is sent after enrollment form and payment is received)
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Online and Correspondence Courses are available through the FMC World Ministry Center for candidates who have opened a filed with Ministerial credentialing services and are actively pursuing ordination in the Free Methodist Church. Each course has an experienced professor to guide the student in the learning process.


Additional Course Offerings

All of these courses are approved by the Board of Bishops for credit for those seeking ordination.
Courses are offered by the following Ministry Training Centers:

Metro NY/NJ Center

To register for a course please respond by email to or call (973) 772-1660. All registrations fees are payable to Crossroads Free Methodist Church.

The Ministry Training Center

Schedule of Upcoming Courses Spring 2019
Z – Zoom in & take the course live online from a computer, tablet or phone.
Metro NY/NJ Center
• Introduccion del Nuevo Testamento: 5/25; 6/15; 7/27 (Espanol) – Z
Ofrecido en Centro de Capacitación Ministerial de Metro NY/NJ, 195 Piaget Avenue, Clifton NJ. Créditos: 3 Costo $120 3 sesiones de sábado comenzando a las 9:30am
Plazo de inscripción: April 15, 2019 Entrenadore: Willie Kirchhofer, D.Min y Pastor Ricardo Obeso

• Introduction to Christian Doctrine – 5/11; 6/8 (English) – Z
Offered at Ministry Training Center of Metro NY/NJ, 195 Piaget Avenue, Clifton NJ
2 Saturday sessions beginning at 9:30 Credits: 2 Cost $90
Registration Deadline: April 15, 2019
Trainers: William Kirchhofer, D. Min and Clark Faulkner

• Communication Skills for Pastors & Leaders: 5/18; 6/15 (English) – Z
Offered at Ministry Training Center of Metro NY/NJ, 195 Piaget Avenue, Clifton NJ
2 Saturday sessions beginning at 9:30 Credits: 2 Cost $90.
Registration Deadline: April 15, 2019
Trainers: William Kirchhofer, D. Min

Zoom in option: Allows you to take the course live from your home location. You will be given the login information once you register.

Opción Zoom: Le permite tomar el curso en vivo desde la ubicación de su hogar. Se le dará la información de inicio de sesión una vez que se registre.


Willie Kirchhofer, D.Min
Director,The Ministry Training Center of Metro NY/NJ
Church Renewal Network
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(862) 221-1694
Facebook: @ministrytraining1224